Welcome to my blog! My name is Hal for short (Halle for long). I am a Nebraska native, living and working out of Minneapolis, Minnesota (the winters aren’t nearly as bad as advertised). I’m a yoga instructor, writer, and devout Austenite. I'm hoping to very soon start grad school, pursing an M.A. in English. 

 I began “Looking for Mr. Darcy” as a way to share my musings on what we call “dating” in the 21st century. What happened to the grandeur of Jane Austen’s time? A world filled with whirlwind romance and *gasp* simplicity. 

So here I am: a 20-something with a pretty unhealthy infatuation (love?) for a fictional character from 1813. But just because Mr. Darcy is a fictional character doesn’t mean he can’t be real, either. The idea of Darcy is enough to sustain me as I test the sketchy waters of frat boys, wannabe hipsters, and Netflix-and-chillers, trying to answer the biggest life question of all: In a world filled with Wickhams, can we find Mr. Darcy?


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