Why Fall Is the Best Season to Be in Love

If you'e ever seen Grease, you know that summer lovin' doesn't always last (even though you had a blast and it happened so fast). The fall is the perfect time for budding romances. Get my top 3 reasons why fall is the best season to be in love.

How to Handle Your Ex Getting Married According to "New Girl"

Sometimes it doesn't matter how little we care about our exes. We just want to know that we finished first in the breakup, for in every breakup there's the inevitable winner and loser.

Why Going Stag To A Wedding Is Actually Awesome

There are tons of ways to be fabulously single at a wedding--in my experience, it's the optimal way to navigate a wedding. Here's a few reasons why you don't need a wedding to have a good time.

When Life Gives You Lemons, They Might Actually Be Oranges

Check out an interview I did with Omaha-based artist, Linda Hatfield!

100% Of My Relationships Have Failed (And That's Okay)

I'm in a relationship, but I'm still single. I'm in an ongoing, life-long relationship with myself. So having spent 20 years with yours truly, it's easy to wonder what the beginning of a never-ending relationship would even look like. Can you ever know for certain that you've found lasting love?

 5 Reasons You Should Love "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies"

I thought PPZ would be a detriment to the good Austen name. But after reading the book and seeing the movie twice, I have nothing but positive feelings for the spin-off.

I Can't Wait To Fall In Love But I'm Doing Just Fine Without It

I have a dream. My dream is not nearly as important as Martin Luther King Jr.'s; my dream won't be taught to generations of students as the pinnacle of justice and empowerment. My dream won't alter our society in any way, but it's a dream--my dream--nonetheless. 

Why You Should Have 'The Talk' Even If You're Friend Zoned

No one ever wants to talk about the friend zone. Why is that? The friend zone exists; it is, in fact, a thing.

No You Can't Imagine Your Way to the Perfect Dating Life

The Wedding Date tried to teach me that every woman has the exact dating life she wants; I'm inclined to disagree.