Hey, bartender: Part three

hey, bartender: part one

Beer, breweries, and bearded bartenders. What more does a girl need? 

hey, bartender: part two

You asked for the whole story. I'm giving you the full story. 

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daft pretty boys

Talking about daft pretty boys, or DPBs. It's a frigging epidemic.

if I could turn back time

To love with the almost certain knowledge of not being loved in return is brave. It is also, in this day and age, very unwise. 

bus buddies

Meet-cutes are great because for the most part, they exist within a carefully constructed fantasy. And that's great. Until it's completely and irrevocably shattered by reality. Then it's not so great anymore.

Dear jane project

I was recently approached by the founder of another blog, entitled the Dear Jane Project, dedicated to celebrating the legacy of our beloved Miss Austen. I myself participated in this project by writing a letter to Jane, expressing (of course) my ardent love and admiration for her book and my irritation with our current world of Wickhams.

no net ensnares me

When did dating become a game to see who can feign the most disinterest? (I warn you in advance that this post is overflowing with rhetorical questions.)