no net ensnares me

When did dating become a game to see who can feign the most disinterest? (I warn you in advance that this post is overflowing with rhetorical questions.) 

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not good enough

Can having high self-esteem conflict with our pride in damaging ways? When is "good enough," good enough?

what about bingley?

Sometimes readers scoff at Austenites and their consuming love for Mr. Darcy. Why? Because he was tactile, proud, and--let's be honest--rather rude. Instead, these readers and Darcy critics ask, what about Bingley?

Photo borrowed from Creative Commons.

Photo borrowed from Creative Commons.

mr. Darcy's Apology

Is anyone else familiar with the filler apology? It's just kind of a reflex, like dodging a wrench that's thrown at your face. If I bump someone on the street, they get a "sorry!? 

the closed door

Today I ask the ridiculous, the impossible, the uncomfortable: If Darcy had never turned his proud ass around, might Elizabeth ever have regretted refusing Mr. Collins' marriage proposal? If marrying with affection never came to be, could Lizzy ever regret her choice?

the flâneuse herself

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Lauren Elkin, author of "Flâneuse: Women Walk the City." If you're at all interested in Elkin (she's a completely fabulous individual) and her work or the idea of a female "flâneur," check out my blog post on my university's website!

the what if? vortex

The what if? vortex is essentially the action of mentally repeating past decisions, unrealized meet-cutes, and failed dates over and over and over. Asking yourself what if? opens the door to a soul-crushing vortex that sucks you deeper and deeper into regret.